For me the album Leaf is like a sweeping, epic novel written in three languages (Italian, English, German). It is like a book providing its readers with the intimacy, in which you can discover the sensitivity and romantic emotions in the individual scenes of an allegorical narrative. You are taken by the depth of the melancholia created by the power and passion of the music. ‘Images and sounds say more than a thousand words’ – this is how I would like to expand the frequently cited, well-known saying ‘An image says more than a thousand words’ and I would like to illustrate by this, that the album Leaf provides a novel that encompasses more than a thousand pages full of melancholia and intimate magical moods. Vaughan Oliver was the visionary, the inventor and the executor – so to speak the ‘pastor’ marrying the couple of picture and music, linking Art with Art. Thanks a lot. Listening to the inspiring music I immediately found myself in a creative process and felt a great joy when transposing the compositions by Stefano Guzzetti into images applying collage and drawing techniques.

Das Album LEAF ist nun vom ACL zu einem der besten Album-Covers des Jahres 2016 nominiert worden, und Brooklyn Bridge Records bietet zu der De-luxe-Vinylplatte
ein DIN-A2-Plakat im Sonderdruck an.



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